How it all began:


Henk de Jongh and Ad Veth met at Woensdrecht AB in 2002. In 2011 Ad joined Henk with his Pilatus Flight as PR officer and groundcrew. Since then they performed at many airshows throughout North West Europe with the former Pilatus Flight . We decided to start a new Foundation, VFF, to give a piece of history to the public and show people the beauty of aviation. We will slowly expand VFF with more crew in the near future. In November 2015 Bart Sijmijnck joined the Foundation and created our dedicated L-bird unit named after the historical 125th Liaison Squadron .


Who we are:


Henk de Jongh, L-5 pilot is the Chairman. He started flying at the age of 16 , flying gliders at Woensdrecht AFB. Later he received flight training in Oxford (UK) and Phoenix (USA) to become a professional pilot. Henk has achieved over 6000hrs on different types like Pilatus, Piper, Luscombe, Zlin, Grob, Yak and several types of gliders. Nowadays Henk flies the Boeing 737NG out of Eindhoven AB.


Ad Veth is our flight safety equipment specialist, treasurer and crew. He joined the RNLAF 14 years ago and is a flight safety equipment specialist with specialisation on Pilatus PC-7, F-16 and Boeing C-17.  Ad is stationed in Hungary at Papa AB on behalf of the RNLAF.


Bart "Cubman", L-4 pilot is our L - Birds specialist, secretary and website administrator.  Bart started flying small aircraft in Ursel BAF reserve at the age of 16 and joined the Technical School of the Belgian Air Force in 1994. He graduated as an NCO aircraft mechanic on Alouette 2 and Agusta A-109 helicopters working for the Belgian Army. After a couple of years as aircraft mechanic on commercial airlines and receiving flight training in Los Angeles, he became an airline pilot on the Fokker 50. After 14 years of flying on A320 and A330 he became an A320 Captain at a large Low cost airline. Bart is also a simulator (synthetic) flight instructor on the A320.



We are open to expand our team with a mechanic, PR-officer and ICT-officer (website ea). What are we looking for?

Dedication & team-player! Join us in our magical team, enjoy the opportunity to work on a very exotic bird and join us throughout European Airshows!