Stinson L-5 42-98596


L-5, USAAF S/N 42-98596

  • Manufactured by Vultee Aircraft, Wayne MI and delivered to the USAAF on 2 Nov 1943.
  • Nov 1943 To Grand Rapids AAF MN
  • Dec 1943 To Port of New York City NY and departed the US by ship for assignment to Eighth Air Force, European Theater of Operations. Possibly deferred to Ninth Air Force. 
  • Jun 1946 Transferred from Ninth Air Force to US Army Ground Forces, Europe
  • Nov 1948 Transferred from Army Field Forces to US Air Forces Europe
  • Jan 1949 Dropped from inventory by transfer to Italy

We are in the process of gathering more information about our L-5. The Army Ground Forces did not carry detailed logbooks as you would actually expect for an aircraft seconded from the USAAF. It is particularly difficult, not to say impossible, to retrieve more information of these L-birds during their operational life in WW2. Should you have any leads or information to L-5´s that were transferred to the Italian Air Force post war, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Picture I. Baz, Ham & Jam