Piper L-4J 44-80344

Our Piper L-4J near Eschweiler, Germany in January 2019


Piper L-4J S/N USAAF 44-80344 (MSN 12640, frame no. 12470)

  • delivered to USAAF at Lock Haven, PA, 9th Air Force, Europe;
  • transferred to Army Ground Forces, Fifteenth US Army, 547th Field Artillery
    Battalion [Unit Markings 69-OO], 34th Field Artillery Brigade Mar45 
  • Flown by Lt. Becker from an Airstrip near Maastricht (50th MR&RS) to Munchen-Gladbach (presently known as Mönchengladbach), Germany, 10Mar45 
  • 44-80344 saw action in the Battle of the Ruhr Pocket and from the after action reports and Battalion history al the exact locations where this L-4 was used are known. To name a few; München-Gladbach, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund.
  • returned to USAAF, 9th Air Force, Europe
  • registered F-BDTL 19Jun47
  • cancelled 3Dec52 as sold abroad
  • registered SL-AAC
  • reregistered SL-ABC
  • registered D-EDUH 27May59, cancelled 29Aug75
  • registered OY-ALN 1976
    registration SE-IML reserved 1Jun82, not taken up
  • registered LN-RBI 1994, current