Liaison-Artillery Airstrips

We do research on all the aspects of Liaison Aircraft used in the European Theatre Of Operations (ETO).

Although all the USAAF Airfields used in the ETO are well known and easy to find on numerous webpages, it is actually the opposite when it comes to small airstrips that were used by Field Artillery Units and Liaison Squadrons.

Remarkably, local archives and authorities are mostly unaware of such airstrips in their area. It is rather unusual that time witnesses are around as sadly the majority has passed away. It will become very hard to pinpoint those exact locations in the future. This time consuming research is actually quite rewarding. Occasionally we do find an airstrip and can confirm those with pictures of the past. The list of those airstrips gets longer and here we present you an example.

Should you know more information of exact locations, we are always happy to hear from you. 

More airstrips and pictures are available on request.


Some locations we have knowledge of due to our own research or by local historians such as Gerhard Kristan:

  • 78th Inf Div Airstrip, Roetgen 1944-45, D (G. Kristan)
  • 62nd FA Bn Airstrip, Roetgen 1944-45, D (G. Kristan)
  • 5th Inf Div Airstrip, Roetgen 1944, D (G. Kristan)
  • 125th Liaison Sqdrn, Kornelimunster 1944-45, D (Bart & Henk)
  • 2nd AD Airstrip, Brunssum 1944-45, NL (Bart)
  • 50th MR&RS , 9th Air Force, Y56, München-Gladbach, 1945, D (Bart)
  • 30th Inf Div Airstrip, Chèvremont-Kerkrade, 1944, NL (Bart)
  • 62nd FA Bn Airstrip, Heerlen, 1944, NL (Bart)
  • Artillery Airstrip Heerlerbaan, Heerlen, 1944, NL (Bart)
  • Artillery Airstrip Sourbrodt, 1944, B (Bart & Henk)
  • 99th Inf Div Airstrip, Büllingen 1944, B (Bart, Martin & Henk)
  • 2nd AD Airstrip, Büllingen 1944, (Bart)
  • 153rd Liaison Sqdrn, Spa, 1944, B (Bart)
  • .......... over 30 locations and counting.



Picture shows an L-5 of the 125th Liaison Squadron at Kornelimünster, January 1945. Picture owned by IWM and published in "The Fighting Grasshoppers" by Kenneth Wakefield.

Same picture of the present location  overlapped by the original by Bart "Cubman" February 2017, taken in similar weather conditions.