The History of the 125th Liaison Squadron started on 15 september 1941 when it was ordered into active service.. The 125th was assigned to the 68th Observation Group at Fort Sill. In March 1942 the unit was transferred to the 77th Observation Group. It operated as the 125th Observation Squadron (Light) until July 1942, when it was again designated the 125th Observation Squadron. During the remainder of 1942

it trained with various aircraft at Fort Sill and other installations. 

In April 1943 the 125th was renamed the 125th Liaison Squadron. Transferred to Texas, it joined the Second Air Force Support Command and was re-equipped with L-5 Sentinel aircraft. In January 1944 the squadron became a part of the 76th Tactical Reconnaissance Group.

The 125th arrived in England in June 1944 and was assigned to the Ninth Air Force. Deployed to the U.S. Ninth Army, units of the 125th

arrived in France in August 1944 and served with the Twelfth and Sixth army groups. In November 1944 the 125th was assigned to the XIX Tactical Air Command (Provisional) and then to the IX Fighter Command. The 125th operated out of smaller airstrips such as Maastricht - Sint Pietersberg, Kornelimünster, Mönchengladbach and Gütersloh but also from larger airfields. After V-E Day the 125th was transferred to the XII Tactical Air Command of the Army of Occupation.



As our foundation operates both the L-5 and L-4 and we are based in the former action area of the 9th Air Force, it was our choice to name our Squadron after the 125th LS and honour the men and women who served in this unit.


Liaison airplanes are often referred to as "L-birds".