The 125th Liaison Squadron

"The 125th Liaison Squadron" , is a private non profit organisation named after the famous Liaison Squadron attached to the 9th U.S. Air Army during World War 2 in the European Theater of Operations (ETO).

Our Squadron consists of two liaison warbirds, often referred to as "L-Birds". Our first addition is a 1944 USAAF WW2 Piper Cub L-4J Grasshopper and our second addition is a 1942 USAAF Stinson L-5 Sentinel. Both aircraft were used as Artillery Spotter / Liaison aircraft during World War 2. We present these aircraft to the public in order to highlight the importance of these rather unpopular aircraft that were actually on top and in the middle of the action at the front. Their pilots, observers and ground crews operated close to the moving front lines during WW2. Their place in history is often forgoten or not correctly highlighted. We try to change this and give them all the honour and respect they rightfully deserve.


Additionally we do research, gather aviation pictures, documents, aviation artefacts and share valuable historical information on liaison aircraft. 


Our Piper L-4 and Stinson L-5 are available for Foto shoots on the Ground or in the Air. Either in Static or in Action they make a nice background for your World War 2 Pictures or movie production. We support WW2 reenacting, living history events and commerative celebrations either on the Ground or in the air. 





Preserving Aviation History!